About us


Heymountain – a short primer

Heymountain, a small and young family company, was established 2009 in Germany on the Swabian Alb in the region Heuberg. In December 2013, we moved to the city of Stockach, the gateway to Lake Constance.

In our production facility, lovingly known as the Witches' Kitchen, we produce around 350 naturally inspired cosmetic products for hair care, skin care and perfuming. All products are manufactured according to our own developed recipes. Our fragrances and perfumes are unique. They are often natural compositions of pure essential oils, but we also like to use interesting synthetic fragrances.

In our entire range we use no silicones, no mineral oils and no aluminum compounds. When it comes to the preservation of our products, we are for various reasons committed not to use alcohol (ethanol), parabens, methylisothiazolinones or other synthetic preservatives. To give the products nevertheless a meaningful life, we always produce them fresh in small batches and stabilize them by means of multifunctional ingredients and essential oils.

All our products are vegetarian, 98% of our products are even vegan (sometimes we use honey). We also firmly believe that no animal should suffer for the consumption of cosmetics. We are against animal testing and we do not commission others to test on animals.

Heymountain products are available exclusively in our online shop or in our factory outlet at our production site in Stockach. Please feel welcome, we look forward to your visit.


All the best

Diana, Anna, Daniel and Rainer from the Heymountain team