Against Animal Testing


Heymountain is against animal testing

According to the EU Cosmetics Directive animal testing for cosmetic products in Europe is banned and has been so since 2004. Of course, this also applies to Heymountain.

By law, cosmetic products must be safe. Any safety assessment of a cosmetic product must be based on literature data on animal testing, because as a result of current regulatory practice this is the only accepted way to demonstrate their safety. To that extent, it is obvious that any substance was eventually tested by someone at least once. Otherwise no literature data would be available – but unfortunately it is a fact that literature data are available for virtually every substance on earth. In this sense, and even after the general ban on animal testing in cosmetics, in our opinion one can not legally say that a cosmetic product is “not tested on animals”.

The EU Cosmetics Directive and the REACH chemicals regulation were formulated by professionals from the big industry, academia and the European Commission. Every responsible citizen should ask how it can be that millions of EU citizens are against animal testing, and one still can not say that a cosmetic product is not tested on animals, without risk of being sued. Every responsible citizen should also ask how scientific it may be to transfer results from animal experiments to humans. If the latter is even spoken out by many physicians as absurd, then actually the professors and lawmakers should eventually reconsider their attitude, right?

We believe that we should tell that.