Fresh Cosmetics

Fresh cosmetics in harmony with nature from Heymountain

In the cosmetics industry, it is usually about producing the highest possible number of items with the lowest possible ingredients at the lowest possible cost. This presupposes that the products must be preserved for as long as possible so that they can be stored in central warehouses and wait for their buyers on the shelves of supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies as long as possible. According to the EU Cosmetics Directive, there is no obligation to provide a production date so that the consumer of industrial products can not normally detect how old they are. If products are durable for at least 5 years, even a minimum shelf life need not be described. A long shelf life is usually achieved by the addition of various preservatives. Companies and corporations that claim to operate globally and focus on unrestricted growth are unlikely to be able to act differently, even if they would like it.

At Heymountain, however, we have a choice, and we act differently because we can! Our concept is nature-oriented Fresh Cosmetics. We believe in the power of nature and the power of fresh products. We work extensively with a wide range of high-quality vegetable oils, plant butters, clays and essential oils. At Heymountain, we use so-called CO2 extracts. Depending on the desired extract, either the whole plant, or only the leaves, the roots or the flowers, are mixed with liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as solvent. The CO2 is then evaporated and the final concentrated plant extract remains. The use of CO2 as a solvent has the advantage that, unlike other solvents such as propylene glycol or glycerol, it evaporates completely and without residue.

All products of Heymountain Cosmetics are vegetarian, and with the exception of some products that contain honey from our region, all products are also vegan. We do not use substances such as e.g. paraffin, propylene glycol, PEG compounds, acrylates, microplastics or nanoparticles. Since all our products are self-preserving and do not have the requirement to be stocked for 5 years or longer, we do not need to add certain hotly discussed preservatives like parabens or methyl isothiazolinones.

Heymountain produces all cosmetic products in small batches and only for the immediately foreseeable demand. We thereby ensure that Heymountain cosmetic products reach our customers in fresh condition and can be used as freshly as possible. For every product we provide the date of production. We do not ship products that are older than 4 months, and most Heymountain products are only a few weeks or days old. To substantiate the idea of the freshness of Heymountain cosmetic products, we will give most of our products for this reason a minimum shelf life of 12 months. Our fresh face masks have a minimum shelf life of 12 weeks and are sold no more than 5 weeks from the date of production before we replace them with new batches. An exception to this rule are our liquid perfumes. Perfumes are usually getting better with age, that is, they ripen, and for this reason we allow us to ship only reasonably matured and ripened perfumes.

From most products sample sizes can be ordered in the Heymountain Cosmetics online-shop. In our opinion, since our concept is of freshly made cosmetics, it might make no sense for our customers to stock samples and do not use them for a long time. For this reason we write on the labels of our sample containers, that one should consume samples within 3 weeks. This consumption recommendation relates specifically only to samples; the full versions of the products can easily be used within the stated shelf life.

Heymountain has a wide range of fresh cosmetics around hair care, facial care, body care, perfumery, bath cosmetics and soaps. We continuously produce over 350 cosmetic products with more than 50 fragrances, including

  • shampoos

  • hair treatments and hair conditioner

  • hair creams and hair oils

  • hair styling products (hair gel, hair spray, split end hair balsam)

  • fresh face masks

  • facial cleansers and facial toners

  • face creams and eye creams

  • shaving creams and shaving soaps

  • cold creams, body creams, body oils and body lotions

  • hand creams and foot creams

  • body scrubs and body peeling

  • massage bars and massage lotions

  • body butter (skin conditioners)

  • shower gels, shower creams and shower smoothies

  • liquid perfumes, solid perfume, pulse point balms (temple balms)

  • bath cosmetics (bath bombs, bath ballistics, bubble baths, bath oils)

  • natural soaps (solid cream soaps, hand and body soaps, shower soaps)

  • lip care (lip balms)

  • basically everything apart from color cosmetics.

Many of our fragrances are pure natural compositions, but we also like to use interesting synthetic fragrances. Since we are using food colors and synthetic fragrances in some products, we make a point to the fact that Heymountain is not called pure natural cosmetics. The other raw materials that we use, however, are listed in the positive list of the BDIH standard for controlled natural and organic cosmetics and show that Heymountain is very near to nature.

Please do not hesitate to call us, send a contact request or an email if you have any questions about our products. We will answer all questions promptly. For frequently asked us questions we have a small section called Help / FAQ. Our facebook fan page can be found here.