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FAQ – Frequently asked questions


How can I pay my Heymountain order?

With Paypal, Creditcards from VISA or MASTERCARD, with SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG or with Prepayment (SEPA bank transfer to our bank account).


Does Heymountain have shops?

We do have no shops in streets or shopping centres. You can order online at and either in english language or german language. At our Headquarters (Bodenseeallee 15, 78333 Stockach, Germany) we do have a small factory outlet. It is open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. A visit on other days is possible, but we will enjoy your phone call (+49-7771-6473806) or your email, so that we can plan our production accordingly and have ample time for you.


Does Heymountain have franchising opportunities?

No. We believe that with our strict freshness concept the chances for a successful franchising partnership are not sufficient. Additionally, we have seen too many tragedies around franchising, and we truly love to look into the mirror in the morning without making us shiver. Please do not ask us further regarding this theme.


Where can I get Heymountain products?

Original Heymountain products are only available from Heymountain. You can order online at and either in english language or german language.


You have built the German business for LUSH. Why have you exited this joint venture?

When he will be retired, Rainer will write this story as a chapter of one of his books about cosmetics and perfumery.


Diana, Rainer, when do you want to retire?

The develeopment of perfumes and cosmetic products at Heymountain is a daily source of so much fun that it will be hard to think about retirement. We really would love to go into the lab and the factory as long as it is possible. However, at some point, Rainer will try to write three books about perfumes, cosmetic products and cosmetic companies.


Is it possible that you guys and gals at Heymountain are a bit crazy?

Yes, that is entirely possible. In fact, there are big, important people who already have attested us this diagnosis. They even have discarded the words "a bit".


Does Heymountain have a Facebook page?

Yes, here is our facebook page: Heymountain.