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Parole Goodie and Promotion Campaigns

The Heymountain Parole Goodie

For an online order, a free product can be obtained if the product value* is at least 50 Euro. This Parole Goodie is selected by the mailorderteam as a little surprise for our customers.

In order for the mailorder team to be able to hand out the parole goodie, we have installed a small chicanery, because you have to enter the currently valid parole from the Heymountain Newsletter. This parole phrase can be entered into the field labeled "Voluntary Information - Parole ..." in the onlineshop during checkout on the shop page "Order overview". There, besides the parole, you can also note further wishes, such as, for example, constructive criticism, praise, samples, or that we should wake you up in the night at a quarter to two.

Please note that certain requests or exclusions are not possible, such as "I wish product XY" or "Please nothing from product group YZ". However, for a little hint, whether a bathtub is available or not, the Goodie-Fairy will be pleased.


* Explanation of the term product value:

The term product value is defined as the value of the physical products in the shopping basket. Shipping costs and redeemable vouchers do not count as product value. In order to determine the product value, shipping costs and redeemable vouchers will be deducted from the order value.

Heymountain Promotion

From a product value* of EUR 125, a number of products will be visible in the online shop at the bottom of the shop page called "shopping cart". From these promotion products you can choose a product free of charge and transfer it into your shopping cart.

Example 1:
If an order including shipping is at 50 euros, then the product value is less than 50 euros, and the mailorderteam will not be able to put a parole goodie into the parcel.

Example 2:
If an order is 125 euros, and a voucher of 15 euros will be redeemed, then the product value is below the promotional limit of 125 euros, and the mailorder team will not be able to add a promition goodie.