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Parole goodie and promotions

The Heymountain parole goodie

When ordering online you can receive a complimentary product if your order exceeds EUR 50 product value (value of the shopping cart without shipping costs and without redeemable vouchers). We call it "parole goodie". The goodie is chosen by the Heymountain mail order team and is intended to be a little surprise. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider certain desires, such as "I would like product XY" or "Nothing from product group YZ". However, a little hint whether you love a soak or not is appreciated by the goodie fairy.

However, in order to enable the mail order team to look out for a goodie, we inserted a small “chicanery” as you have to provide them with the correct and valid slogan from the actual Heymountain newsletter. The input of the parole is accepted in the online shop during the checkout process on the "Order Summary" page in the box labeled "Voluntary information – Parole ...". In addition to the parole you can also provide further information through this field to us, e.g. constructive criticism, praise, or that you wish a wake up call at 2 a.m.; however, for the latter we can give no guarantee as the wake up call can easily be at 3 a.m. or not at all.

Heymountain promotions

If the purchasing value of your shopping cart exceeds EUR 125, certain promotional products will be visible at the bottom of the page "shopping cart", and one product can be put into your cart for free. Please notice that redeemable vouchers do not count, as they are already paid, that is, when if the final invoice amount of an order falls under the promotion limit by redeeming a voucher, we can not deliver the promotional product.