Heymountain Samples


Ordering of samples

In the Heymountain online store it is possible to order samples of many of our cosmetics products. For samples which are regularly available, the respective product will provide a socalled “sample size” selection possibility. These sample sizes can be ordered in the onlineshop just like a full product. They are freshly and continuously filled up as needed and are therefore always available.

Please note that if samples are ordered as an item through the shopping cart system, these samples will be invoiced. A subsequent reimbursement is not possible.

With the removal of the minimum order value and the possibility to put sample sizes into the shopping cart we have fulfilled the wishes of many customers and prospects.

Starting with an ordered product value of EUR 50 (shopping cart value without shipping costs and without redeemable vouchers), you may also have the opportunity to request up to 3 free samples.

Requests for free samples can be communicated to us during the checkout procedure in the onlinshop on the page "Order overview" in the field "Voluntary information - wishes for your order ...". We recommend that you provide us with one or two alternatives to your free sample requests, just in case a sample is currently not available. Normally, and when available, we will put them into your parcel. However, one should note that we can give no guarantee because this is a voluntary service of Heymountain. For free sample requests, we also recommend to describe us the current state of your hair or skin.

Unfortunately, we do not have perfume samples available; but you can order from most liquid perfumes the small and economic 2 ml spray bottle sizes, with which one can test the scent very well.

Basically, the Heymountain mailorder fairies and mailorder goblins have the right to put samples into parcels as they like. However, sampling is not a straitforward process and may vary due to things like availability of samples, day of the week, time left until DHL pick up time, inside temperatures, outside temperatures, intensity of day light, and so on. A claim to this voluntary service is not possible, and the sample providing behavior of the past may not allow conclusions about the present or the future.


Important information about samples

Samples which are ordered through the shopping cart system have a label with the date of bottling. The Heymountain concept is based on fresh cosmetics, and for this reason we kindly ask that all samples are used up within 3 weeks. (This rule does not apply to whole products because we specify a best before date there.)

Since samples sizes are generally small containers, it is not possible to list ingredients on these items. However, a detailed list of ingredients can be found in the online shop and on the original product. Some original products, which are relatively small, will be sent together with a separate booklet on which the ingredients are listed. Additionally, we are happy to answer questions about the ingredients and products by email.

We explicitly point to the fact that it is basically possible that ingredients of cosmetic products or perfumes can cause allergic reactions. We therefore recommend that unkown Heymountain products are first ordered by means of a sample size or the smallest available size and then reasonably tested on small skin areas, before they are applied to greater skin areas.