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The Small Heymountain Witches 101

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Simple math 101 – those who know me might smile here, because in math I was never good. The simple 101 might be ok, but real math and I just do not fit together. Since I found the title so beautiful, I tried to list under this topic a few brief facts about Heymountain Cosmetics. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about us. *

Best wishes from the Little Witch Anna


  1. Heymountain was founded in 2009 on the Swabian Alb, since 2013 we have been living and working in Stockach near Lake Constance.


  1. We are a family business, consisting of my parents Diana and Rainer, my life companion Daniel, and me, the Little Witch Anna.


  1. Yes, my parents have founded Lush Germany and managed it until 2007 in a joint venture with Lush UK. In 2007, however, they opted for a new life and exchanged the pure distribution of cosmetic products against the more interestingly diversity of a "witch kitchen". They had to learn everything from the basics all the way up and have acquired various qualifications in order to go online with the first Heymountain products in 2009. I am very happy that my parents have taken this step into the unknown and dealt dealing with numerous headwinds. They have thus enabled me to participate in our common dream and to further develop Heymountain with them and Daniel. I am very grateful for this opportunity and live and love what we do every day.


  1. Since 2011 I am the junior witch in the family business and they just call me Little Witch. Since 2015, Daniel has been strengthening the family team in manufacturing and, like all of us, adds great ideas for products and scents.


  1. Our fragrances and perfumes are designed by our chief druid Rainer. The most diverse versions are shared with us at the height of the development phases, and the family council decides which compositions will make it into the products. Rainer successfully absolved the safety assessment course and exam at the Free University of Brussels, and so this important aspect of development can be considered very early in our product innovations.


  1. Heymountain is heavily inspired from nature, but it is not certified as natural cosmetics. Why? Because otherwise we could not use such wonderful fragrances as Cotton Candy or Midnight in Paris. In addition, our colourful Heymountain products would not be so colourful. Of course, we love the use of natural essential oils in our products and we use 100% vegetable oils and butters instead of paraffin or mineral oil. Silica or aluminum salts are also not to be found in our products. So, anyone who like to read ingredients will soon realize that Heymountain is nevertheless very close to nature.


  1. Heymountain Products are self-preserving. With this method of preservation, we abstain from the addition of alcohol (ethanol)**, parabenes, methylisothiazolinones and other artificial preservatives, and instead we formulate our products so that they are stabilized with the help of certain antibacterial ingredients. (**Exception: The liquid perfumes contain alcohol as a solvent for the essential oils and fragrances.)


  1. Our fresh products are purely handmade in small batches in our witch kitchen in Stockach. Almost all products are vegan, except a few vegetarian products, in which we use regional honey.


  1. The world's only Heymountain shop, and thus our flagship store, can be found at Bodenseeallee 15 in 78333 Stockach, Germany. On Wednesdays, our shop is open from 10 am to 5 pm, but an individual visit can always be agreed with us at any time.


  1. Our invitation to ask questions is honest and serious. We are not shy and usually have a quick and competent answer. However, since we all have a sense of humour, some of our answers be salted with a bit of fun.



* The size and body weight of the mounties, however, remain a well-kept secret, as in the past few years.