Taster Day

Heymountain Forum Meeting Autumn 2014 in Stockach / Lake Constance (27th September 2014)

The whole Heymountain Team wants to express a hearty Thank You to all Mounties who came to Stockach, and to all Mounties who did not have the chance but nevertheless hoped with us for a beautiful Indian Summer weather.

It was really awesome, and occassionally one could feel sort of a Woodstock atmosphere while lying on the meadow infront of the Witch Castle.

Many, many thanks for all the tasty goodies and for all the wonderful gifts. For us, it was a huge privilege to see so many new faces and it was just great to talk again to many Mounties from previous years forum meetings. It definitely was a gorgeous experience to have so many different people from all over Germany here and so many interesting conversations.

We truly hope that our next Forum Meeting in Autumn 2015 will be similarly enjoying.

Here we have some pictures, but we are afraid that because of all this wonderful hustle and bustle we forgot taking enough pics.