Cosmetic Ingredients at Heymountain Cosmetics

The product developers in the Heymountain laboratory select the ingredients for their products and perfumes with great care. European legislation requires that ingredients are listed on the product, on the product packaging or in a booklet nearby. At Heymountain we go beyond the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation. We always have a list of ingredients not only in the largest possible and easily readible font on or near each product, but we make also much effort to list those ingredients without any exception in our online store, along with the product description, so that you do not need to buy a "pig in a poke".

Moreover, we find great pleasure in additonally listing some essential oils contained in the fragrances used.  The law only requires to write the word "perfume" (or “parfum”), as well as the listing of the so-called allergens. Of course we give this information too, but we also share with you some other fragrance ingredients, because we believe that essential oils are a godsend. We firmly believe in the miraculous properties of natural essential oils and for this reason engage intensively in the field of aromatherapy.

The European Cosmetics Regulation makes it very difficult for small producers to talk about positive properties of ingredients. If we, for example, would argue that our Heymountain face masks could "tighten" the wrinkles of the facial skin, then we should only do that if we could prove this by means of a "science-based clinical trial." In some full moon nights we are bitterly angry of the daily TV advertising thunderstorm with all those "anti-aging" and "anti-wrinkle" stuff of many major cosmetics companies with fantastic statements and promises. Why are these companies or groups able to make such statements, while many small manufacturers are punished by the authorities from making statements like natural oils contain vitamins?

The question is of course hypothetical, because spoken out loud it would be totally naive. Corporations and large companies are able to throw a lot of money to "clinical trials" and can thus easily comply with the letters of the law. All cosmetics experts know that no one can turn back the clock of life, but we all still hear and see every day on TV the most fantastic anti-aging claims. Usually, small manufacturers and factories do not have sufficient resources to imitate the big ones, but even if they had, they usually have so much honor that they do not participate in such statements. So they keep their mouth shut. On the other hand, they have the luxury to be able to look in the mirror in the morning without having to be ashamed of ludicrous fairy tale marketing."It is what it is!" However, it is not an option to bury our heads in the sand. As a small manufacturer, we do have many other advantages over the big ones, because we are many orders of magnitude more innovative, flexible and agile. Getting big and becoming complacent is not an option for us. We love what we do and how we do it, and we are sure that more and more customers over time will be interested which ingredients are in the products they use. We are also sure that fewer and fewer people will believe the advertising and marketing fairy tales.